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buy viagra daily online Jump to main navigation. Jump to content. Jump to search. Julius wolff institut for biomechanics and musculoskeletal regeneration special pages: charitã© portal. Home  . Special pages: contact. Sitemap. Glossary. Search function: search function: search word rss-feed target group navigation: 1: institute 2: current issues 3: laboratories 4: research 5: project funding cc 9. Subnavigation: research 1: loading and movement 2: spine 2. 1: instrumented spine implants 2. 2: finite element models 2. 3: spine loading 2. 4: model parameters 2. 5: probabilistic studies 2. 6: artificial discs 2. 7: non-fusion implants 2. 8: cages 2. 9: implants for fusion 2. 10: vertebroplasty 2. 11: further surgical techniques 2. 12: scoliosis 2. 13: further fe studies 2. 14: publications 3: basic bone research 4: bone healing 5: cell behaviour in regeneration 6: stimulation of healing 7: imaging, simulation and stimulation you are here: home. Research. Spine. Further fe studies. Further fe studies outside of the spinal region besides experimental research and numerical simulation in the spinal region, the finite element method was used in the area of the hip, the elbow, and the shoulder. Hip joint stresses and strains in an intact femur as well as after implantation of a hip endoprosthesis were calculated using three-dimensional finite element models. A loading situation which represented the stance phase of walking was chosen. In some cases a rigid bond between the different materials was assumed, in other cases a nonlinear interface condition was simulated. The results of the finite element analyses were checked experimentally. Up to 102 strains were measured using strain gauges glued to the boneâ´s surface. In parameter studies the influences of prosthetic collar, stem length, material properties of implant and cement on the stresses were determined. Abb. 1 abb. 2 abb. 3 abb. 4 fig. 1: outer mesh of elements of intact femurfig. 2: femur with strain gauges and loading rigfig. cheap viagra buy viagra online generic viagra buy viagra cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online generic viagra canada price 3: element mesh of a femur with hip implantfig. 4: aspects of the element mesh of the femoral part of a hip endoprosthesis porous coated stem in order to study the influences of thickness and elastic modulus of a porous coating on the stresses in the interface between coating and bone, a geometrically simplified three-dimensional finite element model was used. Assuming both rigidly bonded and nonlinear interfaces, fully and partially coated stems which had coatings of different elastic moduli were analyzed. Our results indicate that maximum values for relative motion in the interfac.